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HimalayanTOPO Nepal Raster Soviet Military 200k



The paper maps of this seamless digital raster map were produced by the USSR military from around 1980 to 1990. These are of astonishing accuracy and contain an amazing level of detail, especially considering they were compiled under great secrecy during the Cold War. While the street layer is completely out of date due to the age of the maps, the topographic details have a very high accuracy – still today! The map has cyrillic labels only.

The map is compatible with all major GIS software products like QuoVadis® or Global Mapper®. A detailed DEM (Digital Elevation Model) is included to view the map in 3D mode (functionality depends on your GPS software).

The mapset includes (seamless):

  • Soviet Military Map in 200k (1:200.000)
  • Soviet Military Map in 500k (1:500.000)
  • Digital Elevation Model


Data format

The package contains the seamless raster map as well as the Digital Elevation Model. The following file formats are included:

  • Soviet Military Map: ECW® (.ecw format). best for QuoVadis® (newer versions) and OziExplorer® and GeoTIFF® (.tiff format), best for Global Mapper®
  • Digital Elevation Model: Global Mapper® Grid (.gmg format), best for Global Mapper® and QuoVadis®, and GeoTIFF®, GeoTIFF® (.tiff format), SRTM3 (.hgt format)

Map Coverage

The map covers Nepal in total. Green areas are covered in 200k, red areas are covered in 500k only.


The basis are the soviet military maps created between 1980 and 1990. These maps were enhanced with hill shading by HimalayanGPSMaps in 2019.

The basis of our Digital Elevation Model is the 3 arc seconds data set collected by the 2000 Shuttle Radar Topography mission (NASA/USGS SRTM3). This data was enhanced and corrected by Jonathan de Ferranti from Viewfinder Panoramas with other topographic sources like raster and paper maps. Therefore the data from Viewfinder Panoramas is the best DEM data available for the Himalaya region. The data from Viewfinder Panoramas was slighty corrected and enhanced by HimalayanGPSMaps in 2016.

The cartographic production produced by the USSR during the Cold War period is immense, encompassing all corners of the globe. These topographic maps have a quality and a detail that surprises, especially as some of them are so remote and difficult to access for the technology of the time. Today, we can find countries where the best cartographic base is even Soviet maps.