Wow, what a detail! And it loads very fast on my GPSMap60CSx.

Fred K., Photographer, Netherlands


Me and my friend Basti used the Garmin Nepal map Khumbu last October and November. It helped a lot, as we were without guide and porters.

Peter J., Germany


This is the best digital topo map of Nepal we have found! I appreciate your help–thank you!

Kristen S., USA


I am using your fabulous product flying throughout Nepal.

Capt. Steven B., Helicopter Pilot, Nepal


Dear Michael, That is wonderful news. We remain very interested in your maps. As I’m sure you know, finding detailed maps of Kathmandu is no easy task, which I was so excited to hear about your product.

Ben K., Nepal Ambulance Service, Nepal


Hey, I just back from Nepal. I can say that the Nepal map saved my life a couple of times (I was stuck in themiddle of the night in the dark nowhere).

Mendi B., Israel


I downloaded the map and due to the very professional installation software it was integrated and unlocked into Mapsource® in just a second. Installation was done without any problems. At first sight a great map!

Harald Z., Germany