Dear customers of NepalGPSMaps!

Today I would like to announce a big chance for us: NepalGPSMaps becomes HimalayanGPSMaps! We renamed our company because of the completely changed product portfolio we will publish soon.

When we started mapping Nepal in 2007 there were nearly no digital maps available for this wonderful himalayan country. Google Maps had details for Kathmandu, Pokhara etc., but was a blank map in the remote (trekking) areas (and in fact it still is). OpenStreetMap was a blank map for whole Nepal at all… Things changed a lot since these days: Mobile Internet is available in Nepal in all major areas and even at Everest Basecamp and OpenStreetMap is one of the best maps we have ever seen! It has lots of details even in the remote areas of the himalayan range, Kathmandu was mapped by thousands of enthusiastic people and OpenStreetMap has now more details than ever other (commercial) map!

So we decided to switch over to the very good and detailed map data of the OpenStreetMap project and include our own map data we collected over the last 9 years into this great project. 

Our brand new maps based on OpenStreetMap data will be available soon. The maps will be enhanced with a detailed contour line layer and will be fully routable. In fact you will be able to route through the whole himalayan region – from south India to the north of Tibet! Contour lines will be availabe at a distance of 20m!

For the very first time we will publish some raster maps as well. These maps will base on the Russia and USA military maps from 1957-2003. Also these maps will include a very detail DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data layer and are capable for 3D viewing. These military maps are quite old and street layer will not be useful for navigation, but the topographic layer is still one of the best available!

The following maps will be published in a first step for the spring season this year:

  1. HimalayanTOPO Himalaya Routable: Whole region in your pocket for Garmin GPSr and Smartphones! Includes vector maps for India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Pakistan!
  2. HimalayanTOPO India Routable: India vector map for Garmin GPSr only
  3. HimalayanTOPO Nepal Routable: Nepal vector map for Garmin GPSr only
  4. HimalayanTOPO Pakistan Routable: Pakistan vector map for Garmin GPSr only
  5. HimalayanTOPO Tibet Routable: Tibet vector map for Garmin GPSr only

The brand new raster maps will be available for the autumn season this year.

Stay tuned!