…in crowded KATHMANDU or in the remote Himalayas like KHUMBU, MOUNT EVEREST, ANNAPURNA, LANGTANG or MANASLU! With our GPS trekking and street maps of the whole Himalaya region you will always know where you are! We offer highly detailed digital topographical trekking maps as well as detailed digital street maps for vehicle navigation!

Our digital GPS maps are available for GARMIN® GPS-receivers as well as for almost all Smartphones like APPLE IOS®, ANDROID®, and WINDOWS® (Smartphone version coming soon)!

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HimalayanTOPO Himalaya Routable is the map with the highest level of detail which covers the whole Himalaya region, capable for trekking in remote areas as well as for navigating by car or motorbike through the country. Besides topographical details the map includes a detailed routable street layer. Because the map is fully routable, it can be used for turn-by-turn vehicle navigation. The map offer a very high resolution up to 1:15.000! The basis of our digital maps are the great OpenStreetMap project which covers the world with high detailed maps. We enhance this OpenStreetMap data with owm collected GPS data as well as with a very detailed layer of digital contour lines.

Viewed in QuoVadis®

Viewed in Navitel Navigator®

Our maps are available for Garmin®-GPS-Receivers as well as for almost all Smartphones. For Garmin® receivers, this includes all “On the Road”-Receivers as well as all “On the Trail”-Mapping-Handhelds. The map can be used on the GPS-Receiver and also be viewed on a computer with one of your favourite GPS-Software like Mapsource® or Basecamp®. The Smartphone Version is available for the well-known and very powerful Navitel Navigator® Software. Navitel Navigator® is available for Android®, iOS® and Windows®.

The maps offer several highend features like

  • Fully routable on streets, trails and treks!
  • Searchable Point-Of-Interests database!
  • Searchable street level!
  • Detailed topographic contour lines (interval 20m)!
  • Height profiles for routes and tracks
  • Regionwide detailed street layer!
  • Accuracy up to 1:15.000!
TRY IT OUT NOW FOR FREE! We offer free trial maps, which can be downloaded for testing purposes! Please visit the Download section for details.


Viewed in Garmin®’s Mapsource

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