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Major Update to Version 2012.1 available


After nearly one year without any updates, we published a major update to version 2012.1 of all of our maps yesterday! This update contains data for the countrywide maps NepalTOPO NPL Routable and NepalSTREET NPL Routable as well as for the low budget maps of Khumbu, Annapurna, and Langtang. Furthermore, the countrywide NepalTOPO NPL Routable now contains data of the Manaslu Trekking area, which becomes the most popular trekking area after Khumbu and Annapurna these days.

Of course all updates are available free of charge to all existing licence owners! They can be downloaded from your MYMAPS Useraccount.

Here’s the list of all updates:

  • Fixed translation of Unpaved Roads/Trails
  • Change all Trails to Type 0x16
  • Corrected H01 near Badhipidit
  • Correted H04 Prithivi Rajmarga between Naubise and Bharatpur
  • Corrected H02 between Kathmandu and Hetauda (higher accuracy)
  • Corrected Kulakhani Sisneri Pharping Road
  • Corrected several roads in Bharatpur
  • Corrected between Bharatpur and Devghat
  • Added main roads in Bharatpur
  • Corrected all routing parameters of roads (speeds, restrictions, etc,)
  • Added approx. 57.000(!) new villages/towns/cities
  • It is now also possible to search for suburbs like Thamel, Jyatha, etc.
  • Added correct population/size of approx. 1.700 villages according latest census data
  • Added POIs and borders of Nepal’s 75 districts
  • Added/marked all capitals of Nepals’s 75 districts
  • Added POIs and borders of Nepal’s 14 zones
  • Added/marked all capitals of Nepals’s 14 zones
  • Added POIs and borders of Nepal’s 5 regions
  • Added/marked all capitals of Nepals’s 5 regions
  • Corrected H10 Siddartha Rajmarga near Adhi Khola (road was interrupted)
  • Corrected H14 Mahakali Rajmag in the Far-Western Region
  • Corrected H01 Mahendra Rajmarg in the Far-Western Region (Roads were not connected properly)
  • Corrected Highway Symbols of several F- and H-Roads
  • Heights of summits are now calculated by Mapsource, e.g. if you switch from meter to feet or vice versa
  • Kathmandu:
    • Enhanced accuracy of whole Kathmandu valley by newalignment of complete map data according up-to-date satelite images
    • Fixed Road Type for Residential Roads and Ring Road
    • Added 350 km of new roads
    • Ring Road and Amiko Highway and some more Roads near Tundikhel are now 2 lane roads
    • Corrected Oneways around Tundikhel and Singha Durbar
    • Bhaktapur is now handled seperately in adress search (and not as part of Kathmandu)
  • Khumbu:
    • Added Himalaya Lodge, Lukla
  • Annapurna:
    • Wrong Zone for Pokhara fixed
    • Corrections between Dharapani and Besi Sahar (New Road)
    • Added several new POIs between Dharapani and Bhesi Sahar
    • Corrected some trails around World Peace Pagoda in Pokhara
    • Corrected Tal Barahi Temple in Pokhara/Phewa Lake
  • Manaslu:
    • Manaslu was added as new trekking area
    • All Lodges and details about summer- and winter trail
    • Data based on 04/2012

Enjoy the new map update!

Best regards,

Michael Schlenstedt

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Version 2011.2 with full Nüvi® Support released!

We have published Version 2011.2 of our digital Nepal maps today! These maps offer full address search in Kathmandu and Pokhara (street basis) for all Nuvi® GPS Receivers! Furthermore we have impoved search for Points-Of-Interests in these maps, too! E. g. you are able to search for most of Nepal’s cities now by their names.

As always this map update is free of charge to all existing map users since we offer lifelong updates for all of our maps!

Some more Major Updates are:

  • Enhanced search-index including fully supported address-search for Nüvi®-receivers:
    • All cities are searchable by “Where to?” -> Cities of Nüvi®
    • All streets are searchable by “Where to?” -> Address of Nüvi®
  • Nearly complete streetnames for Kathmandu and Pokhara where added
  • Added additional Zone boundaries (besides already included district borders)
  • Changed TYP-File to create nicer map view in Mapsource®

More information can be found at:

Feel free to try it out right now and order your copy today!

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Version 2011.1 of several NepalTOPO maps released!

We have updated some of our most popular maps to Version 2011.1: NepalTOPO NPL Routable, NepalTOPO Khumbu Routable and NepalTOPO Langtang Routable.

New Features of the new Version:

  • Map is set to left side traffic now.
  • Langtang Area: Updates are based on data from 11/2010:
    • Updated trail from Syaule to Tilman’s Pass
    • Updated trail from Melamchi Pul to GanjaLa Pass
    • Added 25 new POIs
    • MANY THANKS TO: OTTO SLUITER for providing Langtang GPS data
  • Khumbu Area: Updates are based on data from 10/2010:
    • Added more details between Lukla and Namche Bazaar
    • Updated Kumjung and Khunde area north of Namche Bazaar
    • Updated Trail from Namche to Tengboche
    • Updated Trail from Tengboche to Dingboche
    • Updated Trail to Renjo La Pass
    • Updated Trail to Cho La Pass
    • Completely rewritten and updated Thame Valley
    • Added more than 340 POIs

Of course the update is free of charge to all map owners as usual! Please login into the MYMAPS Area with your Useraccount data and download the map update and install it onto your receiver.


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NEW routable maps: NepalTOPO Annapurna Routable and NepalTOPO Langtang Routable!

Today, we are very proud to announce two new topographical detailed maps: NepalTOPO Annapurna Routable and NepalTOPO Langtang Routable! Both maps are available with an accuracy of 1:100.000.

Of course these two new detailed areas are also integrated in our countrywide topographical map NepalTOPO NPL Routable Version 2010.2 (free update for all existing customers)!

Read more in the Maps Section…

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NEW routable Maps: NepalTOPO NPL Routable and NepalSTREET NPL Routable!

New ROUTABLE Maps available! 

We are very proud to present two new countrywide routable maps: NEPALTOPO NPL ROUTABLE and NEPALSTREET NPL ROUTABLE! Both maps cover the whole country with an accuracy of 1:250.000 and offer many regions with a higher level of detail up to 1:15.000!

All other maps like “NepalTOPO Khumbu” and “NepalSTREET Kathmandu” are still available for the small budget and were enhanced by new data and are now routable, too! Of course an update to the new routable version is available free of charge to all licence holders!

All maps are now available in three versions:

  • As Mapsource® Download version
  • As Mapsource® CDROM version
  • As microSD™-/SD™-card version

Read more in the Maps-Page!

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ALL Maps: Update to Version 3.00!

We updated all of our maps to be compatible with new Mapsource(R) 6.15.11. Read more…

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NepalSTREET Kathmandu: Update to Version 2.01!

This is a small update to improved the Look&Feel on receivers with color-display. Read more…

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NepalTOPO Basemap: Update to Version 2.0!

There’s an update for the NepalTOPO Basemap to Version 2.0 available. We corrected some errors (mostly in the Kathmandu Valley) and fixed an incompatibility with the Trip&Waypoint(R)-Worldmap. Moreover we improved the Look&Feel on receivers with color-display. Read more…

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NepalSTREET Kathmandu: Update to Version 2.0!

Also the very first street map of Kathmandu for Garmin®-GPS-receiver was updated to Version 2.0 in the last days. We corrected several errors and extended the map by several new POIs. Read more…

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NepalTOPO Khumbu: Update to Version 2.0!

This is the first major update of our vey first topographical map of Nepal. Greatest changes are the new Look & Feel by a new TYP-file, corrections of several errors and a lot of new POIs. Read more…

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